• Here at Reliable Hondas, it's a win/win situation!

    You save big money and we make a client!

Why Choose Us

We have the best prices on used cars in the Hudson Valley! Read more benefits about buying from us below.

GDT Automotive (Reliable Hondas) is unlike your normal car dealership.  We practice a philosophy of proaction for maintenance, meaning we fix issues before they happen.  All vehicles at Reliable Hondas are given a full New York State inspection before delivery.  We focus on prevention to save you time, money, and makes the experience of driving your car much more enjoyable!  We also provide a vehicle history report so that you can see the entire history of your car.

In addition to being a dealership, Reliable Hondas services its own vehicles and offers car maintenance services to the public.  We know our cars in depth, and have our qualified mechanics inspect each vehicle before it is sold.  Visit our testimonials page to see some of the happy results our customers have had.  This is why we’re often called “Doctors of Cars!”

Reliable Hondas also offers various financing options so that you can get the car you want regardless of how much credit and money you have.  Just fill out a credit application on our financing page to begin the process!  You’ll see why the ‘S’ in Reliable Hondas is for Savings!

Practicing the Policy of Proactivity since 1989!  Call us today at 845-657-1965